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My name is Kelly Harmsen and I've been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1991. Born and raised in Chicago Heights, Illinois now living in Bradenton, Florida and owner of my own hair & art salon. I started at eight years old working in my Dad's hair salon and loving it. While all of the other kids were reading Dr. Seuss I was readng Vidal Sassoon. After graduating from Beauty School I started assisting at a salon that offered additional education to further my career. I became heavily involved in RUSK after attending classes with my boss to watch them cut hair. I consider Irvine Rusk to be my biggest inspiration along with my Dad. I love what I do and if you come to visit me hopefully you will too. I specialize in cutting, corrective coloring, foiling and working with curly hair. I have very naturally curly hair myself and until you live with curly hair you don't understand it. I love helping someone to love their curly hair also.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Buttery Blonde Highlight & Haircut Blowdry

Loved doing this beautiful buttery blonde highlight on my client.  This was done with all Framesi Color.  Framesi is an amazing color line.  

Beaded Purple Stack Wrap Bracelet Bohemian Lifestyle

This bracelet is a beautiful eclectic mixture of all of my favorite beads. It has everything from silver, jasper, ceramic, seed beads, heart shaped silver beading, hematite hearts, rhinestones and three different handmade charms on the ends along with a heart and a love charm. It wraps around the wrist six times. Such a fun mixture of beads. I also have a very tiny row of seed beads in rich dark purple that pop out between the bigger beads. It fits a wrist of 6 - 7.5 cm and it wraps around the wrist so there's no closure to the bracelet.  A beautiful gift for that girl in your life.  


Hair Colorist - Base Color - Highlight - Haircut Blowdry

Base color, foil, haircut blowdry

Friday, June 14, 2019

Before & After Color

This sweet girl came with her friend who was getting her hair colored so she wasn't on my schedule to do her color.  She had been coloring her own hair at home and it was just too washed out.  I only had twenty minutes to color her hair so all I did was put a toner on it to even it out a little more.  I think it turned out great and she was very happy with it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Blue Original Artwork & Handmade Beaded Jewelry...Cobalt And Turquoise

If you love the color blue then these are for you.  All of my art and jewelry are handmade by me and sold either at my salon or online.  Interior wall decor and boutique beaded bracelets

Coral Coral Coral! Art Boutique Hair Salon With Coral Beaded Jewelry & Coral Abstract Original Paintings On Canvas

Now available either online or at my salon.  If you love coral these are for you.  

Balayage/Highlight - Toner - Haircut Blowdry

This is my beautiful niece who hadn't had her hair colored in about six months and didn't want anything too noticeable because she was looking for a part-time job while still in high school.

I started with some foils around her face and went backward on her head so the front would be the lightest to look like she had been at the beach.  I purposely wanted them to be darker through the back and underneath of her hair.  I did some very random thick & thin pieces to make it very organic looking and yet it all blended together.  Then I toned her to take some of the warmth out of her hair but not all of it.  I love the way it turned out and so did she.  Hope she gets the job she is interviewing for.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Hair Color - Three Color Foil - Haircut Blowdry

This client came to me wanting a change but not too much.  I colored her base and did some random foils throughout her head with three different colors.  I love the way this turned out.  Very natural yet fun. 

Hair Color/Soft Balayage

This client wanted a very soft balayage in her hair.  Didn't want a lot of outgrowth from it so I was very careful to not do too much color.  

Before & After Color/Highlight-Tonelight/Haircut

This client hadn't been in to get her hair done in a couple months.  She has beautiful hair that just needed some love.  I did a base color to cover her grey hair.  Did some highlights and lowlights to blend her color and darken up some of her ends.  Then I did a haircut blowdry on her. 

New Bracelets Available-Blue Druzy Agate - Crackle Quartz Stone Crystal - Howlite Stone Beads

New Bracelets Available now either at Bossa Nova Salon or online.  Click Here To View Online

These make a great gift for any woman who likes jewelry.  These pieces are made with all different kinds of beads, stones, metals, etc and are wrapped around stainless steel memory wire so they won't break and they fit most wrists. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Base Color - Partial Foil - Haircut Blowdry

This was a base color to cover grey and then a partial foil with a haircut blowdry using Framesi Haircolor and Decolor B Bleach.

Hair Color Correction Before & After Pics

This teenage girl came in to see me because she had colored her own hair with bleach and it was pretty damaged.  I told her that to keep her hair in good condition I would only color it darker not add anymore bleach to her already over processed hair.  So I did a color with 5 volume and it turned out beautiful and her hair was in better condition than before using Framesi 2001 color line. 

Multidimensional Hair Color With Foil Using Framesi Hair Color

This was a fun color to do.  She always likes to do something different.  I did my usual foil on her but added some pop pieces to it.  The results were great. 

Framesi Hair Color And Products Salon

I have been using Framesi for almost 30 years.  It is my favorite hair color/product for my clients.  I also carry the line so even if you aren't a client but need it just contact me at 941-993-6856 to come in and stock up.  Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Multidimensional Hair Color Using Framesi Color

This client came to me and wanted a more multidimensional color to her hair.  I wish I would have taken a before pic because the transformation was awesome.  I did a base color to cover her grey and then did different colored foils.  I love the way it turned out.  Love My Job!!!!!!

Before & After Color

This client wanted to cover up her blonde but still have some dimension in her color so it wasn't just solid.  So I went in and did a random foil of different size sections on the outgrowth only, processed that and then went in with different toners to add dimension.  Beautiful.

Before & After Haircut

My son's friend hadn't had his haircut in over four years.  He wanted to cut it and donate it to kids with cancer.  He has beautiful hair.  I told him that women would kill for this lol.

Before & After Color/Cut

This is a before and after highlight I did on Saturday.  She hadn't had her hair colored in over four months.  I thought her ends were too washed out but she liked the lightness of them so I did what I call a highlight/tone light.  What I did was put foils in between the highlights with a buttery warm blonde to offset the lighter pieces so she has a very natural blonde but still light like she liked it.  I loved the way it turned out and so did she.