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My name is Kelly Harmsen and I've been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1991. Born and raised in Chicago Heights, Illinois now living in Bradenton, Florida and owner of my own hair & art salon. I started at eight years old working in my Dad's hair salon and loving it. While all of the other kids were reading Dr. Seuss I was readng Vidal Sassoon. After graduating from Beauty School I started assisting at a salon that offered additional education to further my career. I became heavily involved in RUSK after attending classes with my boss to watch them cut hair. I consider Irvine Rusk to be my biggest inspiration along with my Dad. I love what I do and if you come to visit me hopefully you will too. I specialize in cutting, corrective coloring, foiling and working with curly hair. I have very naturally curly hair myself and until you live with curly hair you don't understand it. I love helping someone to love their curly hair also.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Before & After Color/Cut

This is a before and after highlight I did on Saturday.  She hadn't had her hair colored in over four months.  I thought her ends were too washed out but she liked the lightness of them so I did what I call a highlight/tone light.  What I did was put foils in between the highlights with a buttery warm blonde to offset the lighter pieces so she has a very natural blonde but still light like she liked it.  I loved the way it turned out and so did she.

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